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Licensing Experience
From our experience with Black & Decker and new incoming joint ventures with other brands, we know that a consumer can rely on the brand to enhance not only a product's value but also the BRAND NAME.

If a consumer likes what a brand represents and they have purchased it before, there is a higher likelihood they will choose that brand over a competitor. In fact, consumers will often purchase a brand for the first time if it has a strong reputation or if it is used by friends or celebrities. Brands also lead consumers to develop certain expectations of products. A satisfied customer is more likely to be a repeat customer. The brand, therefore, adds value to the product.

We fully understand the importance of maintaining the value and the reputation of the brand.

Engineering Design, Product Development & Manufacturing Capabilities

We know that our early involvement in the product design process is necessary for successful Asian production. This approach ensures that the quality of new product ideas is sustained from the beginning all the way to the final product produced in Asia.
Under our guidance and supervision, going from concept to production and then successfully marketing a new product, we’re involved in every step of the process.
The product is engineered, prototyped and tested to insure that it performs as needed.

Product design concepts based on brand guidance

Each item in our product line has a place in the market and a strategy behind it.
We understand that Branding Resource Guidance serves as a foundational piece of our entire brand unification strategy.

Guidelines must be followed when creating all marketing materials.
Brand’s continued strength and impact depends on the commitment of everyone involved to consistently adhere to standards.

Quality Control Processes

We understand the importance of ensuring goods are checked throughout the manufacturing process and adhere to branding standards.
 RAGALTA USA’s Quality Control Processes includes:

  1. Pre Production Factory Inspection
  2. Initial Production Check
  3. During Production Inspection
  4. In-Process Quality Control
  5. Packing Inspection
  6. Pre-Shipment Inspection
  7. General Production Monitoring
  8. Container Loading Check
  9. Customized Production Review/Troubleshooting